Michael and Deb K., Wichita, Kansas

“I can sum up why my wife and I will return to Ozondjahe in three words: “Trophy Quality” and “Professionalism”. The quality of the animals here is remarkable, the staff friendly, the accommodations everything you need and more. Plus, name another game ranch you can afford with a chef on staff. The hunting experience in Africa so often comes down to the attitude of the Professional Hunter and I can say that Andries Smit is one of the good ones. We came to Ozondjahe without really knowing what we were getting into but we are leaving with friends here; taking with us memories and magnificent trophies. We had a wonderful time at Ozondjahe. Andries is a marvelous PH and I would recommend him to anyone. All in all we had a ball. I don’t want to sound corny but to us it really was the trip of a life time. Thanks for helping set it up.”

Michael and Deb K., Wichita, Kansas.
- 2006