Bryce J. McK., Pennsylvania, USA

“My wife Sandy and I had a fantastic hunting experience at Ozondjahe. The trip exceeded both of our expectations. The hunting was outstanding, and Francois and Fredrick were a pleasure to hunt with. They were a great team, and my wife Sandy and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our hunting safari at Ozondjahe. We saw an abundance of game in a vast landscape challenging topography and thick bush. The trophy quality was exceptional, and the judgement of Francois was very valuable in selecting the best game to go after and stalk. They helped me change my wife’s view of hunting by their gentlemanly and sportsmanlike conduct in the field. Sandy arrived in Namibia as a non-hunter who was somewhat dreading the trip, and who had sworn to not want any part of the hunting or eating any wild game… to becoming curious enough about all of the wild game we saw to start riding along on almost all of our hunts and enjoying Franz’s excellently prepared game dishes at almost every lunch and dinner. Janette and Pauline were also very good hostesses, and even sent us home with a jar of homemade cumquat marmalade. Thanks for the great hunting experience. Best regards,”

Bryce J. McK., Pennsylvania, USA.
- 2013