Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris @ The Game Fair, Sologne, FRANCE

Le Game Fair

Founded in 1981, the Game Fair became the major meeting point in the hunting world in France. An average of 82,000 visitors a year are walking around the aisles of the event. 470 exhibitors from different countries show their innovations and display every year some 5,000 brands. Numerous thematic spaces, Premium Villages, Dogs, bow Hunting, Fishing, hunting knives Artisans ... Numerous activities, weapons and opticals available for trial, game ranch for wild hogs, ball-trap public spaces, honored countries and regions, four-wheel drive test tracks, numerous riding schools for activities and shows ( dogs, horses ... ). For all of the above reasons, the Gome Fair fits perfectly lo the expectations of hunters and nature lovers. The Fair represents French and international trends of today and tomorrow's hunting.

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