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Hunting Tourism Contributes $426 Million to African Economy

Read more about Hunting Tourism and how much it does Contribute to the African Economy    


Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris @ The Game Fair, Sologne, FRANCE

In Pictures Thank you for stopping by our booth! Gala Evening - Beautiful Show


Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris @ The Game Fair, Sologne, FRANCE

Le Game Fair THE REFERENCE FOR ENTHUSIASTS ! Founded in 1981, the Game Fair became the major meeting point in the hunting world in France. An average of 82,000 visitors a year are walking around the aisles of the event. 470 exhibitors from different countries show their innovations and display every year some 5,000 brands. Numerous thematic spaces, Premium Villages, Dogs, bow Hunting, Fishing, hunting knives Artisans ... Numerous activities, weapons and opticals available for trial, game ranch for wild hogs, ball-trap public spaces, honored countries and regions, four-wheel drive test tracks, numerous riding schools for activities and shows (


Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris au Game Fair, Lamotte Beuvron, France

UNE EDITION RICHE EN NOUVEAUTES ET EN ANIMATIONS ! Rendez-vous les 17, 18 et 19 juin 2016 en Sologne. La 35ème édition du Game Fair, plus grand salon de chasse en France, se déroulera les 17, 18 et 19 juin 2016 au Parc équestre fédéral de Lamotte-Beuvron. Un salon riche en exposition et en animations: Pour cette prochaine édition, près de 500 exposants sont attendus présentant plus de 3 500 marques, sur les thèmes suivants : Armes, Optiques, Munitions, Taxidermie, Voyages, Chiens, Vêtements & Accessoires, Vénerie, Coutellerie, Chasse à l’Arc, Aménagement du territoire, Art animalier, Pêche, Automobiles et Quads. Les


Ozondjahe Napha Award 2015

Ozondjahe had the honor to be awarded for 2015 by NAPHA for the most amount of medals sold in the past 5 years. Very nice sculpture by a Wildlife Artist:   Alan Ainslie  


POSITION PAPER – The Importance of Hunting towards Conservation

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