Swakopmund, Three Day Tour

Visiting Swakopmund, a colonial German town and Namibia’s premier holiday resort, is like stepping back in time. Not only will you be enchanted by its historic European charm, palm lined streets and seaside promenades but delighted by the many diverse points of interest to be explored within the immediately surroundings and the variety of activities available to people of all ages.

Because there is so much to see and do, as well as being a four and a half hour drive from Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris, we require a minimum visit of two nights. While you are there you will be staying at an excellent quality hotel in the heart of Swakopmund. In the evenings you will enjoy delicious meals at nice restaurants many of which specialize in fresh caught seafood, including the local rock lobster and oysters.


Using the city as our hub we can tour the Namib Desert, home to extraordinary landscapes, animals and plant life. Unique to the Desert in this region is the oldest living plant in the world, the Welwitschia Mirabilis, an octopus like giant which can reach 2000 years of age. We can view the “Moon Landscape” created by the mighty Swakop River flowing towards the sea, that has been sculpting and eroding the land for millions of years until it created an unearthly effect, or the spectacular contrast of the orange sand dunes meeting the Atlantic Ocean.


Other impressive sites to see are Cape Cross, a noteworthy historical landmark, located in the midst of the sole breeding colony of 100,000 Cape Fur Seals on mainland. Walvis Bay Nature Reserve, which can be toured by land, boat or kayak, is a wetland bird sanctuary home to, at any given time, as many as 200,000 birds such as Flamingo, Pelican and Sand Piper; it’s really a beautiful sight to see. There is also an opportunity take a dolphin cruise where you can also see seals and sometimes even encounter whales as well.


Some more leisurely time may be spent exploring the quaint town of Swakopmund itself. You can do a bit of shopping, check out the art galleries, cafes, take a seaside promenade on the beach and jetty, visit the local museums, snake park or aquarium.

And while there’s plenty to do within city limits, the real action is happening in the desert surrounding Swakopmund. There is shark and deep sea fishing, shore angling, hot air ballooning, sand dune carting, quad-biking, sand-boarding, sand-skiing, parasailing, parachuting and several other adrenaline inducing guided activities that are available to do.