Otjiwarongo, Half Day Visit

Enjoy a few hours visiting Otjiwarongo, our nearest small town only a 30 minute drive from Ozondjahe. In Otji (pronounced oat-gee) as the locals refer to it, you can do a bit of souvenir/curio shopping, buy postcards and other essentials, experience a working Crocodile farm or bring a donation to the local community preschool that Ozondjahe hunters have been generously supporting.

Visit to Peri Naua Pre-primary School in Otjiwarongo

Many hunters and their guests have been enriched by taking time out from their adventures at Ozondjahe Safaris to deliver generous monetary donations, school supplies, books even Safari Club International (SCI) SafariCare Program “Blue Bags” to the Peri Naua Pre-Primary School in Otjiwarango.

This school is attended by 58 very needy children from 3 to 6 years of age, and it is designed to provide the basics in preparation for primary school, which begins at ages 6 to 7. They are hoping to get 65 to 70 children for 2016.The founders of the school believe that education is the only way to break the cycle of poverty.

Here is the experience of a hunter from Ozondjahe who was a member of a group who brought SCI Blue Bags to the school.

After our initial greetings and introductions, we shared the contents of each bag with the teachers and children. The bags included items that the hunters and others from our contingent had gathered while still in the United States such as: felt-tip markers and paint sets, books, blankets, California grown rice, clothes and games. Upon completion, teachers and the entire class expressed their gratitude in several songs that they performed for us! It was uplifting to see their enthusiasm and appreciation as they let us know that our combined efforts would contribute to the quality of their schooling experience. One of our party, Laurel, has a background in teacher preparation at California State University, Chico and hopes to return to work with the teachers at the school for a month next year!


We certainly hope that our visit, which was facilitated by Monique Escurat, who co-founded the school along with Peri Naua (a French Association), as well as Christine Van Der Vyver from Ozondjahe Safaris, was as rewarding for all involved as it was for the three of us! Hunters and SCI through SafariCare can definitely make a difference, and we encourage other hunters to get involved in the “Blue Bag” program! Greg Mensik, Jeff Burton, Thank you.

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